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A region of the southeast United States, usually comprising the states that joined the Confederacy during the Civil War. The term was popularized in the minstrel song "Dixie's Land," written by Daniel D. Emmett () in Any one of several songs bearing this name.
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I've never before experienced such friendlyness, openness, curiosity and genuine hospitality as in Texas and The Deep South.

Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton: Lives of Mississippi Delta Chinese Grocers

Not even the otherwise very open Middle East or Asia can compete in terms of friendlyness. But heres i the puzzle: When crossing into the northern states ie Tennessee something changes. People are friendly, but certainly not to the same extent as their southern neighbors. The curiosity and "let's have a little chat" are all gone. So my question is, how can it be, that people's attitude is so much different in the south compared to the north?

And are there other travellers here with the same experience?

To you Northernes: I hope I haven't offended you. And to you Southernes: You have a nice one! I am a northerner and not offended. The north is different from the south in one core way.

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The south derives its culture from the caribean plantation culture. Why the south is more friendly I am not totally certain but I suspect its a way to fill time by people lower down in the caste system so to speak. I hasten to add the traditional south caste based culture is fading quickly as northerners and immigrants move in. And are there other travelers here with the same experience? Southern hospitality rocks, but in Taiwan etc.

In a different direction: My uncle, who spent most of his life in SC and TX, once told me that in places where you pretty much assume the other guy owns a gun folks tend to speak more softly and avoid confrontation. In small towns You have to be friendly because you'll probably meet them again The north is more materialistic and mobile The South has a lot of very old families who didn't move north for factory jobs Also the South is poorer than the north Poor people can seem friendlier People in the north are more aware of social status Texans do have their own unique mindset If you did a study of this topic That is the key factor.

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Friendliness can be urban, too. I would regularly have conversations with random locals and tourists on the buses or commuter train or while walking around downtown. My wife never had to open a door when she worked in the city.

Land of Cotton

Now, I can't get all sociological with you on the root causes: agrarian roots instead of the Northern industrial, traditionally less upwardly mobile society, more sun makes people happier-I don't know. Cal, the Rust Belt, and the Northeast.

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And ALL of the transplants would tell you that they had become friendlier since moving the the American South. Been to the South and the Northern US as well as throughout the country. Hospitality and friendliness can be found anywhere in my experience. I don't know that one can attribute it to geography- it seems that people in rural or smaller communities have a bit more time to extend courtesies and perhaps have more time to share.

They are less distracted by the many distractions urban areas have to offer and perhaps feel less of a need to hurry off to their next distraction. It reminds me of the story of when a visitor, upon arriving in a new town, asked a local "How friendly are the people here in this town? The southern U. This Page Is Out of Date It appears that your browser settings are preventing this page from loading the latest version.

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Dismiss Tell Me More. Temp Our Upcoming Sales. Oct 25, Ozark, AL To make matters worse, the schools do not provide basic supplies like pencils, pens and paper towels, increasing the burden on families like Ms. Walker is an impressive and complex character, strict and loving with her young charges and candid and witty with Mr. Maysles' camera.

She is admirable, but not perfect, and even her superhuman efforts are overwhelmed by circumstances. One of the children in LaLee's care is year-old Cassandra, nicknamed Granny. A smart, attentive girl, she becomes listless and depressed, and her grades begin to slip, in part because her household and child-care responsibilities leave little time for homework. Another child, whom Ms. Walker calls Main, appears to withdraw into an angry inner world, where neither his great-grandmother nor the volunteer from the local mentoring program seem able to reach him.

The predicament of these children raises some issues that the documentary could have explored more fully. We are left wondering where their parents are and why the children have ended up in LaLee's care. At times, the film's focus on Ms. Walker and Mr. Barnes feels too narrow, leaving us guessing about other relevant facts of life in the Delta. When Granny moves out of LaLee's trailer and into her grandfather's house, she begins to blossom, and her grades improve.